How to Get Paid by Taking Surveys + TIPS

November 26, 2021

Get paid to take surveys without leaving the comforts of your home. 

Take daily surveys to get rewarded with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum or gift cards. Help trusted brands gain impactful marketing insights and streamline their customer support by simply sharing your opinion. We work with top survey sites that have high payout rates, so you can make money fast without the hassle.

Here’s all you need to know: 

How to Access Paid Online Surveys

Step 1: Register

Registration is very straightforward. Go to, click sign up, and then fill out basic information. Once you’ve completed typing in your name, address, and nominated password, you are good to go. Don’t forget to verify your account by going to your email and clicking the link sent to you. Verifying your account makes you eligible to redeem rewards.

Step 2: Complete the “About Me” Section

Companies need insights from their target market. Hence, they look for respondents according to demographic information. 

We will be finding the right surveys for you. To accomplish this, we have an About Me section that you need to fill out. 

The About Me section asks for information about your income, household, work, interests, health, and family. It is absolutely necessary for you to complete this step in order to receive more accurate survey matches. Take your time to answer carefully.

Always remember to be honest with your demographic information. Falsifying your information might result in ban or permanent account suspension. 

Aside from web notifications, you also will receive email updates of the latest surveys that match with your profile and About Me demographics. Flesh out your profile so you have better chances of scoring Premium Surveys. Remember, surveys get filled up real quick. Avoid that by immediately getting notified on surveys looking especially for you. 

Step 3: Choose the Survey Provider

There are different survey providers to choose from, such as Premium Surveys, Survey Routers, and Survey Walls. 

Survey Routers

Survey Routers serve as portals to the many surveys provided by our partner companies. You must complete a new set of questionnaires asking for your age, gender, location, profession, and other necessary info. Once done, the router automatically redirects you to surveys that match with your information. Dynata, YourSurvey, and other survey routers will continuously direct you to surveys you are qualified for, so you can earn as many points as you can.

The number of surveys you can take and points you can earn depends on the router you choose. For example, YourSurveys allows unlimited completions in a day, while Dynata only allows five completions every 12 hours.  

Survey Walls

Survey Walls also require you to answer a few questions about your age, gender, and other personal information. However, unlike survey routers, you won’t automatically get redirected to a survey. Instead, you will see survey listings looking for people within your demographic. This enables you to have the option to choose. Our survey walls include PeanutLabs, Yuno, CPX Research, and Revenue Wall. 

CPX Research gives out partial points even if you get disqualified from surveys. You don’t need to worry if you find yourself disqualified. CPX Research ensures that your time gets paid still. 

Premium Surveys

Scroll to the bottom of the survey page and you will find where the premium surveys are located. This is where the “About Me” section comes into play. The surveys match the information you’ve provided in that section. So, better take the time to complete it to get more qualified surveys.

The list of premium surveys gets refreshed every ten minutes. Easily find new surveys when you refresh to make better use of your time.

You can find the time needed to complete and the number of points you can earn in each survey listed. Having this information is helpful when choosing which surveys to take. 

Step 4: Answer and Earn Points

We have an extensive list of surveys you can take. Also, check your emails since members receive live updates on surveys that match their demographics. Taking multiple surveys every day is one of the most effective ways of earning the highest points possible. There are even surveys that still award points in cases of disqualification and partial completion – specifically CPX Research.

Step 5: Claim Your Rewards

When you’ve earned at least $5 worth of points, you can request a payout. It is totally up to you if you want to claim rewards right away or wait until you’ve earned more points.

Pick between cash (sent via PayPal), your favorite gift cards, or crypto coins (deposited via Coinbase) in the menu. You can receive your rewards within 48 hours of claiming.

How to Maximize Your Earnings Online

Check for New Surveys Regularly

Earning points via surveys isn’t a one-time thing. New surveys get added regularly. If you want to make the most out of your time, make sure to check the listed surveys every day. 

Surveys get listed from easiest to hardest. You can start from the top and work your way down for maximum results. The time listed is just a rough estimation of how long the survey will take. You can answer the surveys at your own pace and perhaps, finish even quicker. 

Enable Browser Notifications

When prompted, always turn on browser notifications to get regular updates of the latest surveys. This way, you no longer have to constantly refresh the website. You get real-time updates so you can access surveys earlier and faster. 

Check Your Email

We can’t stress this enough but check your emails regularly. By doing so, you are making sure not to miss surveys that specifically need you. FCR members get daily emails of surveys that match with the information they’ve provided during registration. Better not miss out by opening your emails!

Keep Updated via Live Feed and Leaderboard

FreeCryptoRewards features a Live Feed and a Leaderboard that contains all the real-time data you might need. Live Feed is a neat tool in finding popular market providers. You can also use the Leaderboard to see how much the top users are earning and set goals for yourself.

Refresh Surveys Page During Screen Outs and Full Quotas

If you ever experience screen outs and full quotas, know that it is normal. You can keep refreshing to discover new surveys. Screen-outs occur when your demographic doesn’t fit with what the surveys need. Full quotas, on the other hand, happen when surveys reach the maximum number of participants. 

Our inventory gets refreshed often, so you can easily find other surveys to take. Changing your details to fit the target demographic is considered manipulation and might result in account suspension. You can also opt for CPX Research, Tap Research, and Theorem Reach since they still award points in cases of disqualification.

Be Honest

Speeding through surveys is not advisable. You might end up getting suspended from a survey provider or get your FreeCryptoRewards account suspended for good. Take your time and answer as honestly as possible. Surveys can detect any falsification by adding “speed trap” questions. These questions include asking for your birthday on one page and your age on the other to ensure they match. 

Be consistent and remain transparent always.

Try Other Providers

You can also pursue other providers if you want to keep taking surveys. Some providers might have more surveys in their inventory for some countries. Your options are practically limitless. You can see in the Live Feed which provider has more inventory in real-time. 

Watch Videos During Slow Days

There will always be slow days. But what makes FreeCryptoRewards great is its multiple earning options. If you’ve finished enough surveys for the day but still want to earn more points, you can watch videos with ads instead! Time is money, and money should never be wasted.