Get Paid to Watch Videos Online

November 26, 2021

Did you know that YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, following Google? YouTube is one of the most used social media sites today. 79% of all internet users own a YouTube account. Not to mention, 86% of all people on the web actively visit it, citing entertainment as the primary reason.

The average person spends hours and hours watching videos every day. But what if instead of doing it for free, you get paid instead? Spend your time wisely. Watch videos like you normally would. But this time, you get to choose from a wide range of prizes. 

With FreeCryptoRewards, you can get rewarded with cash, gift cards, and crypto coins in the comforts of your own home. The only capital you’ll be needing is time, so you better put it to good use. 

How to Start Watching Videos for Money

Step 1: Create an Account

Signing up on FreeCryptoRewards is free and painless. Registration takes less than a minute to accomplish. Go to the website, provide your email address and basic information, then you are good to go. 

Make sure to verify your account so you’d be eligible to claim rewards.

Step 2: Find Interesting Channels

We offer a bunch of video providers such as Hideout.TV and Lootably. Each provider features a wide variety of videos that cover everything under the sun, from entertainment and fashion to sports and action. Once you’ve picked the provider you find interesting, then you can start watching videos. 

The amount of points you’ll be getting varies per channel. Hideout.TV offers seven points for every three videos you watch, while Lootably offers five. Both channels credit unlimited times. However, the minimum amount to redeem from Lootably is ten points.

Step 3: Watch Videos Completely

You only earn money when you finish watching in its entirety. Don’t skip the ads or stop halfway through the video. Maximize your time by watching as many videos as you can.

Some channels require you to watch a succession of videos.

Make sure you have the browser in focus because the video automatically pauses when you leave the screen. If you try to game the system, you might just end up wasting your time and not earn as much. 

Step 4: Make Sure You are Getting Enough Ads

The number of points you earn depends on how many ads you watch. These ads look like the average commercials for products you typically see on TV. Ads can play before or after the video. We call these pre and post-roll ads.

To help you decide if watching a particular video is worth the points, click on the Rewards button usually located below the video player. You can also take a quick look at the “Watched” counter to see how close you are to earning your next set of credits. If you have watched two out of the three required ads, your Watched counter lists this information. This helps you gauge your progress.

Another thing that surprisingly stumps other users: make sure you are logged into FreeCryptoRewards first and foremost to get properly credited. 

Step 5: Accumulate Points

Before you click on a video provider, make sure to read the requirements first. Then, you can make an informed decision whether you have enough time to watch a series of videos or if the points offered are worth it.

For instance, Hideout.TV requires a user to watch three videos in succession to get rewarded with seven points. Redeem your accumulated points from Hideout.TV to your account in FreeCryptoRewards, where you can trade these points for various digital rewards.  

Step 6: Redeem Rewards

The more videos you watch, the more points you earn. Switch channels from time to time to keep things interesting.

When you earn at least $5 worth of points, you can start claiming rewards. You can also opt to save your points up to $200 to claim bigger prizes. Choose from a wide variety of rewards such as cash (sent via PayPal), gift cards, and cryptocurrencies (deposited directly to your Coinbase wallet). Receive rewards within 48 hours of claiming.

How to Maximize Your Earnings

Check the Live Feed Daily

The Live Feed is an essential tool that helps keep you updated on which providers have inventory and where other members are cashing out. Keep refreshing this feed to get real-time data on everything going on. Using Live Feed allows you to spot active providers, so you can maximize your earning potential even more.

Keep Tabs in the Leaderboard

Follow the leaders. Our most loyal members earn up to $500 worth of points per month. If you want to know how you can do this, take a peek at the Leaderboard and find the videos those top earners are watching. Set personal goals for yourself, too!

Be Honest at all Times 

All Proxy servers and VPN are blocked. Using any tools that can hide IP addresses won’t help you in any way. To earn the highest possible amount of points, be transparent and remain consistent. 

Get Started Today

You are only a few clicks away from claiming these spectacular rewards. Watch videos at your own pace and see your time turn to actual money.