How to Get Free Axie Infinity

How to Get Free Axie Infinity

Imagine a world where you could play Pokemon on your phone, and each of your creatures could be worth up to $1.5 million dollars. This world might seem like a pleasant dream but through Axie Infinity it’s reality.

Axie Infinity takes some inspiration from the iconic Pokemon video game and combines it with the high-powered world of cryptocurrencies for one of the most novel and fun ways to enter the crypto market. Cryptocurrencies can be inscrutable because they’re entirely virtual. But, Axie Infinity puts a cute monster face on them and makes them more tangible.

As charming as the game is, it’s important to remember that it deals with real money. Monsters can cost over a million dollars! To sidestep the hefty price tag, you can get free Axie Infinity coin (AXS). Read on for a complete overview of the AXS coin and how to get some for free.

What Is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity was developed by Sky Mavis in 2018 and is a virtual monster battling game. Players collect and battle their friends using monsters, also called Axies.

Axies are actually NFT, non-fungible tokens. NFTs are basically digital assets that are completely unique and unable to be replicated. So each Axie is an individual, irreplaceable digital asset.

Entry-level Axies cost about $200, and the most expensive Axie ever sold hit $1.5 million. By playing and battling, you earn tokens. These tokens can be used to fuel the in-game Axie breeding mechanics, which doubles as an NFT minting system.

In the backend, Axies are written via blockchain and are therefore immutable and tamper-proof. AXS coin is therefore the cryptocurrency that powers the blockchain game.

The third kind of token used in the game is a Small Love Potion. Small Love Potions are Ethereum based tokens that can be used to breed and level-up Axies. They’re basically experience points that you can buy, sell, and use to improve your Axies.

How to Get AXS Coin

To get into Axie Infinity, you can buy AXS crypto on any market that supports it. You can also mine and stake AXS for passive income. You can also use AXS and Small Love Potions to trade for valuable Axies.

The game also works on a play-to-earn system, so you can play and increase your holdings. However, to start playing there’s an upfront cost of at least $600. You have to have three Axies to start and each monster can cost upwards of $200.

The best way to get into Axie Infinity without losing your money is through Free Crypto Rewards. On our site, we have a collection of surveys, marketing research tasks, and ad videos that you can complete in exchange for real rewards!

Each task you do earns you a certain point value. In addition, you can also earn points by inviting your friends to join.

As you accumulate points, you can trade them in for AXS coin, or other cryptocurrency rewards like Bitcoin and DOT. It’s a secure, fun, and easy way to get free money.

Start Earning Free AXS Coin Today

The Axie Infinity network has shown great promise in the cryptocurrency market with steadily increasing prices and a beginner-friendly way to enter the NFT world.

However, skeptics argue that it’s a passing fad. In addition, it’s subject to the same price fluctuations and volatility that other cryptocurrencies are.

Avoid the risk and enjoy the reward by getting free AXS coin through Free Crypto Rewards. If Axie Infinity doesn’t interest you, we have a wide array of other crypto rewards that you can earn. Check them out and sign up today!

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