How to Get Free Tezos Coin

How to Get Free Tezos Coin

Did you know that validating one cryptocurrency transaction can have a similar carbon footprint as driving a sedan more than a thousand kilometers? This is true for all proof of work cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Etherium, Dogecoin, and other popular coins.

In the interest of reducing the carbon footprint of cryptocurrencies, a proof of stake network called Tezos was invented. Tezos, and other similar proof of stake coins, consume more than two million times less electricity than other cryptos.

Tezos coin is therefore much more environmentally friendly than most of the coins on the market. However, because it’s so dramatically different from the market standard, it can be a risky investment. For that reason, many people try to get free Tezos coin.

If you’re looking for a safe, easy way to get a free Tezos coin, read on. In this guide, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know.

What Is Tezos Coin?

Most blockchain cryptocurrencies depend on a proof of work (PoW) algorithm. The PoW algorithm means each node in the network has to solve a complicated problem. The first node to find a solution adds a new block to the chain and the miner is awarded cryptocurrency.

Then, further nodes have to verify all the transactions in the block to make sure it’s legit. This requires lots of electricity for both computations and validating protocol. To put a number on it, the Bitcoin network has an annual electricity draw of 130TWh.

Tezos crypto (XTZ) was invented to reduce the amount of work needed to validate transitions. Crypto mining in a proof of stake (PoS) network like Tezos means that the miner’s crypto ownership is used to validate transactions instead of computation power. The more Tezos coin you have, the more mining power you have.

As a result, the Tezos network has an estimated annual electricity draw of 60MWh, more than two million times less than the Bitcoin network.

How to Get Tezos Coin

You can get Tezos coin either by buying it at the market Tezos price or by mining it. When you start out, mining Tezos coin is a very slow, tedious process as it depends on your current ownership. Essentially, to make a Tezos coin you have to have Tezos coin.

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