How to Get Free EGLD Coin

How to Get Free EGLD Coin

Elrond, or EGLD coin, is one of the fastest-growing and most promising cryptocurrencies on the market today. In fact, within the first few months of its creation, its value grew by 437%. Since then, it’s remained a stable and upward-trending cryptocurrency.

If you want to diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio, Elrond coin is a great way to start. But, if the ups and downs of the crypto market put you off of investing your money in it, you can get free Elrond coin to enjoy the reward without the risk! 

In this guide, we’ll be going over EGLD coin and how to get crypto for free, so read on to learn all about the process. 

What Is EGLD Coin?

Elrond is a blockchain network project. It’s a cryptocurrency ecosystem that works in the background of many apps and enterprises. This is much like how other crypto networks function, but what sets Elrond apart is its speed.

The Bitcoin network handles 7 transactions per second. The Elrond network, on the other hand, can handle 15,000 transactions per second! The speed of the Elrond blockchain is made possible through its cryptocurrency, EGLD. 

EGLD is the unit of value that drives the whole process. You can think of EGLD as the gas in a car, it acts like fuel. EGLD can be traded, borrowed, sent, and received across the Elrond network. 

There are a total of 31.4 million EGLD coins, most of which are currently locked in the network and are slowly being released. Compared to other cryptocurrencies, there is a relatively low supply of EGLD. Because of the limited supply, the high percentage of staked coins, and the network lock-up schedule, EGLD crypto is very viable as a long-term investment.  

Buying EGLD Crypto

You can acquire Elrond crypto by buying it on the same exchanges as other cryptocurrencies like Binance and Bitfinex. It’s not yet a mineable coin, although it may become one in the future.

How to Get EGLD for Free

If you’re not ready to start buying EGLD coin but still want to add some to your portfolio, you can get free Elrond (or other cryptos like VeChain or Shiba Inu) from Free Crypto Rewards. 

We offer an inventory of marketing research tasks for large and accredited companies, which you can complete in return for payouts. Each task you complete, you are rewarded with points that you can exchange for cash or free crypto, including EGLD. Your new crypto is then deposited into your CoinBase wallet. 

There are a variety of fun tasks including filling out surveys and watching ad videos. You can even participate in some free product trials and also get points by referring friends. 

You can easily complete a task in a few minutes, but you have to finish the task to get your reward so you can’t quit in the middle. There’s always work available, so you can complete as many or as few tasks as you have time for.

Start Earning Free Elrond Today

Elrond coin is a stable long-term investment and a great way to diversify your portfolio. However, the sometimes volatile nature of the crypto market, especially with newer currencies, can make you wary of investing your hard-earned money.

Enjoy the opportunity to invest in EGLD for free with FreeCryptoRewards. Start filling your downtime with our simple tasks, and start raking in the virtual gold!

4 Easy Ways to

Earn Points

Watch TV

Answer Surveys

Do Offers

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