How to Get Free BTT Coin

How to Get Free BTT Coin

Did you know that BTT coin grew more than 2500% within the span of a year? This explosion in value is proving itself to be more than a brief fluctuation in the volatile crypto market. BTT is widely regarded as one of the most stable and high-performing cryptocurrencies on the market.

However, while its inherent stability makes it a great cryptocurrency to have, it also makes it an expensive investment. Although it might not lose value, it also might not gain value. So, to maximize your profits, we recommend getting BTT coin for free.
Getting free BTT allows you to expand your portfolio with this stable and valuable cryptocurrency without risking your hard-earned money on the crypto market. In this guide, we’ll be giving you an overview of the BTT cryptocurrency and teaching you how to get your hands on some for free. Read on to learn more.

An Overview of BTT Coin

BitTorrent has been around for almost 20 years as a peer-to-peer file-sharing service. Today, it’s still the most popular torrent software and boasts the largest distributed network in the world. Despite its popularity, the service was free and BitTorrent struggled to make a substantial profit.

All that changed when the Tron Foundation acquired BitTorrent in 2018. The Tron Foundation created the crypto BTT coin to monetize the network. BTT coin is used for faster download and upload speeds and other priority services that aren’t available for free users.

Adding BTT coin paved the way to a more stable platform, and has allowed BitTorrent to finally break through its plateau. 

There is a limited supply of 990 billion BTT that is gradually being unlocked to the population. In its first year, BTT struggled to gain traction but after that, it exploded in value and has remained a consistent powerhouse in the crypto market. 

How to Get BTT Coin

BTT coin is an altcoin that you can buy on crypto exchanges like Binance or Unlike other coins, BTT is not mineable, so you can’t get it for free in the same way. 
However, you can use your computer to help seed the BitTorrent network. In return, you’re rewarded with a coin from the BTT crypto vault. It takes a lot of computer labor to earn a significant amount of BTT though, so don’t expect a big payoff from this method. 

Free BTT Coin

As you can tell, BTT coin is a great, stable addition to your investments. However, it’s both difficult to acquire and expensive to purchase. Luckily, you can get free BTT from Free Crypto Rewards.

We have a library of research surveys, ads and videos, and other similar tasks from large, accredited companies. You can fill out these surveys, watch these videos, and participate in free trials and other fun tasks.

In return for your time, you’ll be awarded points. You can also invite your friends for extra points.

As you accrue points, you can turn them in for cash, BTT coins, or other crypto rewards like Filecoin and Algorand. In other words, for a few minutes spent filling out surveys, you can earn free cryptocurrencies deposited directly to your CoinBase wallet. It’s akin to getting free money!

Start Earning Free BTT Crypto Today

If you want to add BTT coin to your investments but are thrown off by the tumultuous crypto-market or the conflicting advice of crypto analysts, don’t worry. With Free Crypto Rewards, you can get almost any cryptocurrency for free without risking your real money. 

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