How to Get Free Chainlink Coins

Chainlink is the first decentralized oracle service. It aims to solve the main pain point of cryptocurrency: the isolation among the blockchain networks. 

When Bitcoin was first introduced to the public, it turned the idea of blockchains and decentralization from fantasy into a reality. Then, it was shortly followed by Ethereum further expanding on what the blockchain technology can achieve with smart contracts.

However, these blockchain networks have no way to communicate with each other. Here’s where Chainlink comes in. It is considered to be the next phase of the blockchain revolution. Chainlink’s main goal is to assist different chains work together while still ensure that these networks remain intact.

With this interoperability, users and developers alike can access various features of different blockchains.

This blockchain also employs the use of a cryptocurrency called Chainlink coins or better known as LINK tokens. If you are interested in adding this particular crypto coin to your portfolio for free, read our complete guide below.

Chainlink is a blockchain project that uses a secure Oracle network to allow different blockchains to have a free interaction. The oracle service limits trust in a single party while enabling smart contracts. 

Ethereum introduced smart contracts and completely changed the game. However, smart contracts have one weakness: they can only manage data on the blockchain. This Kryptonite creates a wide gap between the blockchain network and traditional businesses. 

With Chainlink, you can take data from external applications via APIs and put it into the blockchain network. Users use the oracles in the network to recover data from off-chain APIs, data pools, and other resources and integrate them into the blockchain.

Connecting Paypal with Ethereum is just one of the practical applications of this technology. In addition, users can send payments from smart contracts to their bank accounts.

Chainlink’s native coins are called LINK tokens. Since these coins are built on the Ethereum platform, they are labeled ERC20 Token. They can be purchased on major exchanges. 

Before we dive into how to obtain Chainlink coins, we must first understand the economy of this blockchain. Similar to other cryptocurrencies, LINK tokens are used to incentivize the ecosystem. The total supply of LINK tokens is 1 billion, which creates scarcity and drives up the value over time. 

Upon the development of the network and likely increase in participants, Chainlink coins’ value will rise. Not only does Chainlink play a huge role in blockchain technology, but it will also enable the active distribution of digital contracts to the outside world. Investing in LINK tokens has never been more attractive to companies, individuals, and developers.

There are two ways of obtaining this cryptocurrency: buying directly on exchanges or becoming a Node operator. 

LINK token is available for purchase or trading on these exchanges: Binance, EtherDelta, Mercatox, Houbi,, and others.

A Node operator needs a useful service, data channel, local payment, or other API. Any wallet that supports ERC20 and Ethereum can store this token.

Beware of Crypto Scams

Starting any investment, not just in crypto, involves money. You have to have money to earn more money. 

The crypto market is highly volatile and unpredictable. In short, you have to be prepared to lose money before you can start seeing returns.

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There is absolutely no way to get crypto without doing anything in return. Chances are, you’ll only be opening yourself up to lose more money than you can afford. You’ll also leave yourself open to cyber attacks, identity theft, and other worst-case scenario online scams. 

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