How to Get Free IOTA Coins Instantly

How to Get Free IOTA Coins

One of the most exciting and unique cryptocurrencies around the market today is IOTA. When Bitcoin was first introduced to the public, IOTA was proposed to solve the inefficiency of the current Bitcoin design.

Bitcoin’s major weakness is scalability. It can only process seven transactions per second. 

IOTA aims to develop the foundation for the “Internet-of-Things.” Because the number of devices connected to the internet continues to increase, IOTA provides the infrastructure that can facilitate machine-to-machine transactions between all of these devices. The overall mission is to remove the blocks and the miners, which answers the scaling problem. 

Investors were highly impressed with this concept that the entire supply of IOTA was sold in a crowd sale back in December 2015, raising over $500,000 worth of Bitcoin

If you wish to learn more about this crypto and how you can legally get these coins without risking your money, read more below. 

What is IOTA (MIOTA)?

IOTA is a new transaction settlement, and its mission is to build a permissionless, feeless, and production-ready distributed ledger of technology for the Internet of Things. 

The vast majority of devices connected to the Internet aren’t being used at their full capacity. The average person merely uses email or web browsing, but their computers can do so much more. In the simplest explanation, IOTA provides people with a secure way of earning money by letting others use the unused power of their computers.

The cryptocurrency for this network is called IOTA. It functions as the universal method of payment for machine-to-machine transactions that occur in the IOTA network. 

IOTA tokens are listed in popular crypto exchanges. Investors are already adding this crypto to their wallets in the high chance of earning high profits when the technology develops. 

How to Get IOTA Crypto

If you want to be a part of the crypto revolution, adding OPTA coins to your portfolio might be an intriguing idea. Mining IOTA is not possible since all of the supplies had been sold during its launch. However, you can still run a full node and get rewarded with IOTA for your services. It is not the same as mining crypto, though. 

The most direct way of getting your hands on this blockchain-less coin is to buy them at legit exchanges such as Bitfinex, Binance, Bittrex, Liquid, and many more. 

But before you make any purchases, the crypto market can be unpredictable. We often hear success stories about investing in crypto. What we don’t often hear about are the high risks involved. Before you can make a killing, you must first be prepared to lose money.

The golden rule of thumb for any investment is to never bet on the money you can’t afford to spare. This rule is particularly true for crypto investments. A lot can change in just a single night. The coins’ previous performance might not always indicate their future performance, leading us to our next point: crypto scams.

Watch out for Crypto Scams

If you take a look at Google Trends, the interest for the search term “crypto” is at an all-time high. Participating in the crypto world is starting to become mainstream. Many people are jumping in on the hopes of making a killing out of these digital coins.

Alongside blockchains and cryptocurrencies, crypto scams also rose to popularity. If you want to dip your toes in crypto but don’t have extra money, websites promising free crypto can be extra tempting. 

Practice caution at all times, especially when dealing with these shady websites. You might find yourself losing even more money and fending off cyber attacks. 

Avoid the hassle of dealing with cyber-attacks if you work with trusted reward sites that also offer IOTA and other coins for free. Here’s how.

How to Redeem IOTA Coins for Free

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