How to Get Decentraland (MANA) Risk-free

Get Decentraland (MANA) For Free

Imagine a decentralized virtual world where you can buy and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In this world, you can build digital real estate, play games, and engage in various activities. You can also interact with other members of the community or even create your own game in this metaverse. The possibilities are limitless.

With Decentraland, you can do all of that and more. It is the first multiplayer role-playing metaverse built on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Decentraland started making the news when people banked profits of more than 500% from buying and selling digital land. While visiting Decentraland is physically impossible, it is quite possible to make a ton of money by playing.

We took a closer look at Decentraland, how it works, and how you can profit from it. Read more as we will also be teaching you how you can get MANA or Decentraland’s native cryptocurrency for free with absolutely zero risk.

What is Decentraland?

Decentraland is a crypto-based virtual world founded by Ariel Meilich and Esteban Cordano in 2015. The public was given access in 2020. Soon, it became one of the most sought-after metaverses in the crypto world. 

But how does it differ from past virtual worlds? What makes this the fastest-growing virtual reality platform?

To play, you would only need to access the website via browser. Registration is straightforward and not as complicated as you might think. Make an avatar on the website, set the name, provide your age, and accept the terms and conditions. Then, you are good to go.

Unfortunately, Decentraland does not support mobile devices yet.

In just a matter of clicks, you can now roam around, go to virtual clubs, and display various digital assets you can monetize. You can even play games where you can earn in-game money the more you play. Games like Ethermon, Wonderquest, Tominoya Casino can be a great way to explore this virtual world, start collecting art and NFTs and obtain more MANA.

The fun does not stop there either. If you are a developer, you can use Decentraland’s Software Development Kit to create your games.

How does MANA work?

MANA is the primary cryptocurrency of Decentraland. Because it is an ERC-20 token or a fungible token, it can be bought or traded on crypto exchanges. MANA is used for transactions within the ecosystem. 

To further explain how MANA works, we must first understand the concept of LAND and how it ties with MANA.  

LAND is essentially NFT and digital space where you can create games, casinos, art galleries, and even concert halls. Some developers went a step further by creating LAND-based services related to education, tourism, and more.

The number of LAND is capped. Most who purchase LAND use it to host applications and charge entry fees while some buy in the hopes of its rising market value over time. 

LAND can only be purchased with MANA. MANA is thus essential if you want to acquire LAND and make some profit.

How to get free MANA

Gamers and investors alike find themselves tempted to join the Decentraland ecosystem. This goes to show the true potential of virtual reality and how it can connect users from all over the globe.

MANA is listed on major exchanges such as Binance and Okex. Be reminded that due to the high volatility of the crypto market, investing in MANA and any other cryptocurrencies come with its pros and cons. You should be prepared to risk losing money before you can see actual profits.

Some people opt to mine Decentraland instead. However, setting up a heavy-duty mining rig can be quite expensive and time-consuming. You should always consider the current price of MANA in the market and compare it to the actual cost of setting up the hardware necessary for mining. 

There is a way for you to get free MANA without spending a single cent. With FreeCryptoRewards, you can complete simple marketing research tasks such as answering surveys, watching videos, and completing offers in less than five minutes to earn points. You can trade the points you’ve earned for cash or crypto-coins of your choice. 

This is a completely secure and legitimate way of adding MANA to your portfolio without worrying about the risk of losing money. 

Earn even more points every time you successfully refer a friend. MANA and other available cryptocurrencies like Uniswap or ATOM will be deposited directly to your Coinbase wallet.

Claim your MANA today!

A lot of shady websites on the internet promise free MANA without asking for anything in return. Yes, it might be tempting to go on to these websites. However, you have to ask, “What’s the catch here?” If you can’t answer that, you are most likely the catch. 

Dealing with identity theft, hacks, and any other cyber attacks is no fun. Always be careful with websites or people you are transacting with.

Go for accredited and trusted rewards sites such as FreeCryptoRewards. Completely secured with a 100% guarantee of MANA, you can start your crypto investment as early as today. Create an account for free and turn those points into MANA right away!

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