How to Get Ripple (XRP) for Free

Get Ripple (XRP) for Free

Sending money from one part of the world to another can get very expensive, and the cash might not even appear in the bank for another three to four days. In some countries, you might even have to work around bank restrictions to make the transfer happen.

To address this problem, Ripple Labs created a cryptocurrency called Ripple that follows the ticker, XRP. The Ripple network can process up to 1,500 transactions per second, with each transaction costing a fraction of a penny and less than five seconds to confirm.

Read more below to find out what makes this coin different from others and how you can get free XRP without spending any money.

What is XRP?

XRP is Ripple’s native currency which serves as the bridge currency for the network. XRP does not use Proof of Work or Proof of Stake, making it unique from other coins in the market. To agree on what transactions to approve and block, XRP uses the Unique Node List method instead.

Ripple Labs sets up a list of people they trust. These trusted people then get to decide what gets added to the blockchain and what does not. The majority chosen by Ripple Labs does all of the decision-making.

The validators on the Unique Node List get no mining fees, validating, or staking rewards.

Now, you might be wondering why XRP is a good coin if it is centralized. Ripple Labs has no control of the network after publishing the RTXP protocol, which runs the XRP currency. Ripple Labs can still maintain the blockchain like how Bitcoin and Ethereum maintain their blockchains and suggest updates.

XRP can run without Ripple Labs, but Ripple Labs needs XRP to run other products they offer. 

The natural demand for XRP rises as the coin gets used more and more. XRP has a fixed supply of 100 billion coins. 

If you are interested in holding XRP for the long term or using the platform for cheaper and faster international money transfers, here’s all the info you need to get this crypto coin. 

How to Get XRP

XRP is a unique cryptocurrency with the massive potential of disrupting the current bank systems. Since XRP can’t be mined, the only way to get it is by purchasing it.

First, you must have a Ripple (XRP) wallet. You have to choose between a software or a hardware wallet.

Next, you’ll need to find a legit exchange that lists XRP. You can either buy this coin with fiat money or trade Bitcoins for it on some exchanges. After making a purchase, you need to withdraw the cryptocurrency to your wallet for added security instead of leaving your XRP on the exchange.

Before you take any leaps of faith and risk any money, know that XRP’s future is not yet crystal clear due to the class-action lawsuit filed against it by the SEC. The SEC claims that the Ripple lab founders use XRP as security instead of a currency similar to bonds or stocks. They made a case that XRP is essentially an illegal IPO.

The case has not yet been closed, but it makes sense to be more cautious instead of diving headfirst into XRP. Not to mention, the crypto market is highly volatile. You can make a killing today and suffer a tremendous loss the next day.

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Watch out for XRP Crypto Scams

Be careful of shady websites that offer free XRP while asking for nothing in return. These suspicious-looking websites will always turn out to be scams. You’ll only be wasting your time and quite possibly risk your privacy, device, and real-life identity.

Always think before you click. If it is too good to be true, it’s because it probably is. 

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