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Did you know that most blockchains store hundreds of gigabytes of data? In 2012, the Bitcoin blockchain size was 614 MB. Each peer or node now carries up to 300GB worth of data. The blockchain size of Ethereum has already reached 1TB. And they will only continue to grow over time. 

Now here’s where Mina comes in. Dubbed as the world’s lightest blockchain, it has a fixed size of only a few tweets or roughly 22KB. 

Because other blockchain protocols need heavy computing, they often require intermediaries to run nodes. This takes away from the integrity of true decentralization. Mina answers that dilemma by being so lightweight that anyone can connect peer-to-peer, sync, and verify the chain. 

Mina is one of the most accessible blockchains in the market today. If you are excited to get started on Mina, read on below to find out what makes this crypto a good investment and how you can obtain it 100% securely for free.

What is Mina?

Mina uses zK-Snarks, a type of cryptographic succinct proof, that captures the entire blockchain as a lightweight snapshot. Think of this process as sending a picture of a whale to your friend instead of sending an actual 150-ton marine mammal.  

When the next block is created, it takes a snapshot of itself with the snapshot of the previous one in the background. The process continues, but the snapshot remains the same size.

Whenever a Mina node produces a new block, a SNARK probe is generated that can instantly verify the validity of the block. 

The native cryptocurrency of the Mina protocol is called MINA tokens. The crypto community has dubbed the Mina Protocol as one of the most underrated hidden academies in the blockchain ecosystem.

How does the Mina Protocol work?

Unlike legacy blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, the Mina Protocol does not need a high level of computing power to process transactions. With the fixed-sized cryptographic proof, the protocol drastically reduces the amount of data you need to download. Even as it scales to many users and garners more data, the size remains the same.

Mina protocol allows participants to act as full nodes so that anyone can secure the blockchain. Diving further, any node can choose to be a node operator. These operators have to fulfill either of the two roles: a Block Producer or a Snap worker.

A Block Producer is similar to being a Bitcoin miner. The Snap workers are the ones who help compress the data on the network.

How to Get Free Mina Crypto

It is impossible to mine Proof of Stake cryptos, and Mina is one of them. One of the ways to gain Mina is to become a snark operator. To become a snark operator, you only need an 8-core CPU and 16GB RAM. Block producers often buy the least expensive snark and won’t automatically go for the first one. This renders the need for heavy-duty hardware unnecessary.

For a quicker way, you have to purchase coins on exchanges. Since Mina is one of the latest digital assets to hit the market, it is not yet listed on long established exchanges. It is, however, available for purchase on Kraken, OKEx,, and CoinEX.

Keep in mind that investing will always be a risky business. Investing in cryptocurrency is even riskier due to the volatility of the crypto market. Be prepared to lose cash along the way.

But did you know that there is a risk-free and 100% secure way of gaining Mina crypto without needing to shell out some cash? 

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You get awarded points every time you complete a task. You can then trade these points for MINA tokens, cash, or any other available cryptocurrencies, including cardano and LINK tokens. Quick and easy, just the way it should be.

How to Redeem Mina Right Away

Your MINA tokens or any other crypto rewards you choose will be deposited directly to your Coinbase wallet. 

While it may be tempting to go to these websites that promise you crypto without doing anything in return, these are likely just scams. Never trust these crypto scam sites, or else you might wind up vulnerable to cyber attacks.

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